Dramatic Redesign Make 2020 Sonata Better Than Ever

When a sedan brings Jetsons-like technology to McKinney, TX, you know you have to see it to believe it. That is precisely what the new Hyundai Sonata brings with its redesign for the 2020 year. Not just space-age features, but a unique style of its own that will have you rushing to Huffines Hyundai to climb inside.

Ok, it is one thing to talk a big game, but what exactly does the 2020 Hyundai Sonata brings to the table that is so exciting? Well, have you ever parked your car? While standing on the curb? That is possible with the new Sonata. Remote Smart Parking Assist allows you to jump out of your car to let your Sonata do the dirty work of actually pulling into the spot for you. Worried about the door ding you might get when you climb into your Sonata? Simply start the car and hold the forward or reverse buttons on your smart fob.

Another fancy feature that is sure to please is the Digital Key of the Hyundai Sonata. When you are armed with your Android device, your Sonata is always accessible. It's like having a fob that makes phone calls. Available only through Android devices so far, the Digital Key lets you set up profiles and allows you to lock or unlock its doors and pop the trunk. Need to let someone else in your Sonata? Share your profile with their device, and they have access. You can adjust the profile by letting them open doors but not drive. It is easily customizable.

We haven't even touched on the stylish revisions the Hyundai Sonata has gone through for the new model year. You'll see it in the lower ground clearance and wider stance it projects while preparing to launch, in McKinney, TX. Brilliant LED lights make for a great bookend for the distinct grille> New chrome strips run all along hood to the A-Pillars for a more elegant flare. Even the interior gets a makeover with premium materials. For a more luxurious ride.

What is there not to love with the new Hyundai Sonata? New elements and state-of-the-art technology are sure to make it stand out in a field of midsize sedans. Imagine how much your life can change when you get behind the wheel of the Sonata.

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