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Caring For Your Hyundai

At Huffines Hyundai McKinney, our factory-trained technicians use high-quality parts in a modern service facility to maintain the integrity of your automotive investment. We pledge to provide a stellar, transparent, and convenient vehicle service experience.

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Advantages of Having Your Vehicle Serviced at Our Hyundai Dealership

Besides the great deals, some of the other advantages of using a dealership like Huffines Hyundai Mckinney to maintain your vehicle are:

  • Your vehicle will be serviced by specialists in that particular car brand.

  • The dealership will have full information regarding your vehicle's history.

  • You'll only be getting original parts for every repair.

  • It can save you time by providing you with express service.

Taking your Hyundai to your local dealership for regular maintenance can keep it running and looking good as new for several years. Besides improving your life by helping you keep a good-looking and well-running vehicle, this also means that you're likely to get a better deal for it if you eventually decide to sell it or trade it in for another one. When your vehicle is in need of maintenance work, take it to Huffines Hyundai Mckinney and you'll be getting quality work at great prices!

Need it done fast?

Express Service tackles basic maintenance in under an hour. 

Walk-ins are welcome and will be worked into our previously scheduled customers for express services, however, appointment customers will get priority. Appointments are highly recommended to provide you the fastest level of service!

What Maintenance Work Qualifies for Express Service?

Oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections. Feel free to call us or submit an inquiry if you have a question.

When is Express Service Open?

Express Service is open Monday through Friday 7AM -7PM and Saturday 8AM-5PM.

How Long Does the Work Take?

Our goal is to perform high-quality service in the most efficient way possible. By limiting the number of services we handle, we're able to get your vehicle back to you in 30-45 minutes without a wash and 60 minutes with a wash.

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Service Offerings


Huffines Hyundai McKinney is a great place to take your vehicle for various maintenance and repair operations when searching for car service near Dallas. From a simple oil change to more complex works, you can be sure that our certified technicians will be taking expert care of it with the help of modern service technology and original high-quality parts. You can also be sure it won't take long, as our express maintenance service can perform high-quality maintenance work on your vehicle and have it back to you in as little as 30 minutes. Some of the maintenance operations eligible for express service are:

  • Oil and filter changes: All gas-powered vehicles need oil changes at regular intervals, to help keep their engine components well lubricated and working smoothly for many years. A regular oil change usually takes around half an hour, during which our technicians will drain the existing oil, change your filters, and put in new oil. 

  • Tire rotations: It's sometimes easy to forget that the only thing standing between your car and the road is a thin layer of rubber. Maintaining your tires is crucial for having a safe and stable vehicle with optimal brake distances. Our technicians will make sure to rotate your tires in a way that evens out their wear. 

  • Multi-point inspection: Your visit to our service is also a chance for our qualified technicians to perform a thorough check and try to discover potential issues before they become serious. 

Huffines Hyundai Mckinney Service Specials & Coupons

Besides getting quality services in excellent time, a visit to our service can also be a chance to take advantage of our specials and coupons. Some of the best deals currently available are:

  • Free four-wheel alignment check coupon: A wheel alignment check is an inspection that ensures all four of the vehicle's wheels are properly aligned relative to each other, the chassis, and the steering wheel. Besides improving the safety of everyone on board, an alignment check can also improve the vehicle's handling, mileage, and tread wear. You'll be getting a typical inspection, which consists of a caster, camber, toe, suspension, and steering linkage check, plus a road test. Combined, this would all cost as much as $100 elsewhere.

  • Free battery test coupon: Car batteries typically last between two and five years, with factors like the weather and your driving style greatly influencing their lifespan. Knowing when your battery is approaching the end of its life cycle is a very important piece of information, as no one wants a dead battery when they're in a hurry or in other inappropriate moments. Our technicians will measure both the battery's remaining capacity and the alternator's ability to continuously charge it when the engine's running. 

  • $50 off for timing belt replacement: Your car's timing belt links all the engine's moving parts and ensures they're all moving in perfect sync with each other. Doing so will ensure maximum efficiency, meaning that you'll be avoiding poor combustion and power loss. Our technicians will replace your timing belt, balance the engine idle speed, and inspect adjacent elements like the water pump, drive belts, and the cam and crankshaft seals.

  • $20 off for brake pad replacement: Most vehicles brake when their brake pads press against the brake disc, creating the necessary friction to slow them down. Over time, the pads and other brake elements tend to wear out, eventually needing replacement. Our technicians will replace both front and rear brake pads, resurface front or rear rotors, and inspect all other braking system elements, such as the discs, calipers, hoses, brake lines, master cylinder, and wheel cylinders.

  • $5 off for Hyundai in-cabin air filter: Your in-cabin air filter keeps all harmful elements outside your cabin, keeping it as clean as possible, regardless of your location or driving conditions. Our technicians will replace your Hyundai's air filter, keeping you safe from dust, pollen, dander, and other potentially harmful allergens.

  • Cooling system special for $89.95: Your vehicle's cooling system is usually a water circuit that flows through your engine via special pipes, absorbing and eliminating excess heat to keep all components running at an optimal temperature. Cooling system malfunctions can cause considerable damage to your vehicle. Our technicians will check and fully drain your cooling system, test it for leaks and then refill it with coolant, while also checking other fluids like those for wiper blades and drive belts. 

  • $5 off Hyundai wiper blades: Most drivers don't think about their wiper blades until they stop working properly and interfere with the driver's visibility. If you visit our service, you'll be getting $5 off when replacing your Hyundai's wiper blades.